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Discussion on Treatment Method of Steel Sheet Pile in Foundation Pit Support Accident


How is the steel sheet pile support construction? Wuxi Hengyong expert pointed out that the construction of steel sheet pile support structure, including steel sheet pile plug, support (pull anchor), the foundation pit and so on. The construction of the support (pulling anchor), the construction of the foundation pit and other processes mainly based on the actual project to develop a detailed construction program, a reasonable organization of personnel, machinery, materials, relative to the entire steel sheet pile support structure construction is relatively simple.

The insertion of the steel sheet pile mainly includes the selection of the plugging equipment and the plugging process. At present, the domestic more common plug device is mainly vibration hammer, which has strong pouring, durable, less trouble, easy to use, power supply and other characteristics of strong, but for hard soil or noise control requirements of high circumstances, Often can not be used, for which my company from the Japanese technology research company to buy hydraulic pile driver, hydrostatic piling machine construction since the construction has been in the construction of steel piles, the use of steel sheet pile has been used as the next steel sheet pile Pressure power, through the hydraulic mechanism of steel sheet pile into place.

So what is the focus, the steel sheet pile in the pit support accident in the treatment of what is it? The answer is to cut off the law, the partition is mainly in the excavation of the pit and the surrounding buildings between the original building a partition wall, the partition wall due to excavation caused by the excavation of the soil side of the pressure, if necessary, can play The role of waterproof curtain. Partition wall generally use the root pile, deep mixing pile, pressure grouting and other buildings, the formation of the protection of the surrounding buildings to prevent the collapse of the foundation caused by the destruction of housing.


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