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SLL Omega steel sheet piles


Omega steel sheet piles is a kind of sheet pile which has got an appearance of U pile while the interlocks on both sides are like Z sheet piles.

To be simple, people could treat the omega sheet piles as a pair of Z sheet piles while there is no junction in between. 


From the view of designing, the wider the sheet pile is, the lower weight per wall it will get. Some super wide omega sheet piles have got very large width beyond 1400mm or even 1500mm, which is equal to a pair of Z sheet piles. This kind of design could have the following advantages:

1. Save material

Lower weight per square meter could help save huge amount of funds.

2. Save project time

Imagine that when you drive one piece of omega steel sheet piles, you have already finished a job that requires two pieces of Z sheet pile.

3. Increasing anti-water function

Less junctions will help increase anti-water functions.

With the most advanced production facilities, Shunli is able to offer different kinds of omega sheet piles which are called SLL sheet piles.

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