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Steel piling length, locking port hoisting has been stacked

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Sheet piling length
Sheet piling up to 33m (HZ combination of Sheet piling can reach 33m) When the Sheet piling longer section and lighter when the cross-section to pay special attention to prevent the occurrence of instability of the Sheet piling damage. Pile length over 3 lm is to be connected in the field; short piles can be machined directly in the factory to the desired length. Piles that are longer than 'm can be cut to the required length in the field. When the pile length exceeds the maximum pile length, it is recommended to work with the sheet pile manufacturer contact.
Sheet piling locking port
AZAUPuPUR and GU-type Sheet piling can be used in accordance with EN1028w Larsen lock port connection. The theoretical angle of rotation of the Larsen lock mouth produced by ArcelorMittal is 5.
Sheet piling Hoisting
Under normal circumstances, Larsen u-type Sheet piling is no lifting hole. If a lifting hole is required, a lifting hole may be provided in the section centerline.
Stacked Sheet piling
When piling steel piles, they should be separated by wooden or steel spacing devices, Sheet piling with a rope or tied together to prevent plane deformation. The length of the cantilever of a spacing device piles at intervals of 4 m along the length of the pile shall not exceed 15 m. In order to make the bottom does not produce excessive pile height of stacked Sheet piling can not exceed knowledge. Sheet piling should be staggered stacking as shown in Fig. 5 to maintain stability.


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