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We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service.
Large Scale & Full Specifications
260,000 square meter production base with 800 billion USD investment, one million tons annual output, over 55 most advanced productions. We could provide full range of pipe piles, and all the cold-formed sheet piles in the world, which could fully replace all kinds of hot-rolled sheet piles.
Convenient Logistics & Material Guarantee
Close to Yangtze River, G205 National Road and high-speed road make it much more convenient for us to deliver different lengths of products. VIP and Strategic partner to No.1 steel maker BaoSteel, which has guaranteed the highest raw material quality.
Quality & Delivery Guarantee
Equipped with laboratory and all necessary inspection instrument, the most professional QA/QC team and workers, we have guaranteed the delivery time and qualtity at the same time. After-sale service would also be provided.

Contact with us

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