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HZ Combi-walls

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Various Dimensions for As-built H Pile

Various Combinations of H & Z Pile
HZ Combi-walls consists of H pile and double Z pile, which will provide high section performance in marine projects, especially the shipyard, harbor and port construction projects, where they require very long piles.
The H pile includes welded H beam and a straight web pile welded onto its top. The dimensions of our welded H beams are various for your selection. The straight web pile looks like a hat on the H beam, forming the interlocking system.
HZ Combi-walls can be divided into following forms:
1. Double H Pile which means H pile connects with Hh pile through interlocking system.
2. H Pile with double Z pile.
3. Double H pile with double Z pile.
Remark: The Z sheet pile could be replaced with U pile and omega pile upon buyer's request.
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