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  • [Company news] A Cordial Meet between Shunli Steel and Bao Steel

    On the morning of May 14, 2020, Mr. Hou Angui, general manager of Bao Steel, led Mr. Shi Bing, chairman of Meishan Steel, Mr. Wen Faping, vice president of Meishan Steel, Mr. Li Zigang, vice president of Bao Steel Central Research Institute, Mr. Yang Xiaodong, general manager of Shanghai Steel Trade

  • [Company news] Celebrating the 24th Anniversary of Shunli Steel Group

    Twenty-four years ago, Founders of Shunli Steel Group worked as pioneers of cold-formed sheet pile industry and created a new world with great enthusiasm. Twenty-three years of hard work and setbacks didn’t break us, instead, they bended us, shaped us and made us stronger. We have made remarkable ac

  • [Industry knowledge] What is the difference between combi wall and compound wall?

    What is the difference between combi wall and compound wall?Combi walls can not only meet the requirements of strong strength and stability of building structure, but also play a good role in environmental protection, economy, green, sustainable development. This article mainly introduces the diffe

  • [Industry knowledge] Types of the pipe pile

    Pipe piles play a crucial role in the construction industry. Pipe piles are tubular products made of concrete, which is is widely used in the field of construction. This article will introduce types of the pipe pile.

  • [Industry knowledge] Classification of combi walls

    Combi wall is a new generation of high-performance building internal partition board, which is made of a variety of building materials, instead of the traditional bricks and tiles. Combi walls play an important role in the field of architecture. This article will introduce classification of combi walls.

  • [Industry knowledge] Advantages of the pipe pile

    Pipe pile can be made according to the load characteristics of various sections conducive to the improvement of bearing capacity. Pipe pile is widely used in various fields. This article mainly introduces the advantages of pipe pile.

  • [Industry knowledge] A brief introduction to the combi wall

    Combi wall is widely used in the field of architecture and has many advantages. So why do people attach so much importance to combi wall?This article will give a brief introduction to combi wall.

  • [Industry knowledge] What is the classification of sheet piles?

    A sheet pile is a steel structure with a linkage at the edge that can be freely combined to form a continuous and tight retaining wall of earth or water. This article mainly introduces the classification of sheet piles.

  • [Industry knowledge] What are pipe piles used for?

    Pipe piles by steel tube, tongue-and-groove tongue-and-groove mortise and tenon pin, tube diameter on the left side wall of the vertical tongue-and-groove connection slot, tongue-and-groove slot cross section for the open side of the square shape, in strengthening ribs on the side of the tongue-and-groove slot, steel pipe diameter on the right side of the wall and the partial radius position of the vertical connection have tongue-and-groove pin, tongue-and-groove pin groove profile for i-section. This article is about the use of pipe piles.

  • [Industry knowledge] Use steps for pipe piles

    Pipe pile is widely used in the construction field. The construction method of pipe pile is divided into two categories: precast pipe pile and perfusion pipe pile. This article mainly introduces the use steps for pipe piles.

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