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  • [Industry knowledge] How to maintain the clutch

    The sleeve of the friction clutch of the cold rolling mill is installed on the top of the motor shaft, the sprocket is installed on the gear sleeve in a certain direction, the friction plates are installed on both sides, and the positioning ring is installed in an inner hole.

  • [Industry knowledge] how to install a clutch

    Through the clutch, a shaft is combined with the engine power, so that the power continues to be transmitted. In the clutch, there is an indispensable buffer device. It consists of two disks similar to a flywheel. A rectangular groove is punched on the disk. Springs are arranged in the grooves.

  • [Industry knowledge] how to drive clutch

    A clutch includes a driving rotating body connected with a driving source such as a motor, and a driven rotating body directly engaged with the driving rotating body. Two rotating bodies are received in the housing,

  • [Industry knowledge] how to check tie rods

    The tie rod derusting equipment can be used for high-efficiency flow operation, equipped with dust removal equipment, and automatically transported according to the set speed by electrical control, which provides protection for the thread part,

  • [Industry knowledge] how to break in a clutch

    A friction clutch of a cold rolling mill includes a sleeve seat, an end face gland, a clamping plate, a sprocket, a pin, a friction plate, a positioning ring, an end face nut, a retaining ring, and an elastic element. Through the example of the friction clutch of the cold rolling mill

  • [Industry knowledge] how to bleed a clutch

    In most cases, the clutch can use brake fluid as its working fluid. When the steel pipe pile clutch is used, there will be a mechanical clutch, which means that it is operated by a lever, pivot point and linkage system,

  • [Industry knowledge] how does a clutch work

    The concept of the clutch is an important part of the automobile power system. It is responsible for cutting off and connecting the power supply and the engine. In the steel sheet pile manufacturing process, the clutch is used to connect the plate shape of other suppliers

  • [Industry knowledge] how long does a clutch last

    Most clutches have a design life of approximately 60,000 miles before they need to be replaced. Some may need to replace 30,000 miles, while others can continue to travel more than 100,000 miles, but this is not common. So, how long can the clutch last when installing steel sheet piles?

  • [Industry knowledge] how to replace tie rod

    The maintenance work of the pull rod varies from large to small. Some can only go to the car shop to ask for help, but sometimes it can be completed by simply replacing a few screws.

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