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Analysis on common sense of Larsen steel sheet pile construction

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We often see some places the river is very wide, the water is very deep, but also the bridge up, like the TV series will appear in such a picture, we will think, which in the end is how to complete it, I believe a lot People have such questions. Here we and Wuhan Larsen steel sheet pile of engineers together for your Secret.

In fact, very simple, in the construction process of the use of Larsen steel sheet pile coffin can be a place to work out, and then continue to repeat, the last bridge was built. In this construction process, Larsen steel sheet pile construction is the most important part of the ancient in order to as long as the water depth of the river where there is no way to build a bridge, the river must rely on the ship, the main reason is that there is no Larsen steel sheet pile. Larsen steel sheet pile construction can be in the absence of construction conditions to create the conditions of construction for China's construction industry has made tremendous contributions.

The main application scope of Larsen steel sheet pile is mainly in the main application of the project and the environment along the way, under normal circumstances we use in the cofferdam, river flood and control, water treatment system fence, flood control, fence, Embankment, tunnel incision and tunnel bunker, breakwater, weir wall, slope fixed, baffle wall of these construction. Thus we can easily see that Larsen steel sheet pile application range is very extensive.

The advantages of Larsen steel sheet piles are simple construction, short construction period, low construction cost, construction has significant environmental effect, greatly reducing the amount of soil and the use of concrete, effectively protecting the land resources.

Larsen steel sheet pile shape is a U-shaped steel plate, but look carefully, it is still different with ordinary steel. The buckle shape is made at both ends of each steel plate so that the buckle shape is used for the connection of the Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam, so that the snap-like connection allows the Larsen steel sheet to be stabilized It is very good, especially in the case of the more rapid water, so that the way to protect the water can prevent the infiltration to the inside.

The use of Larsen steel sheet pile when the same as the nail to pull the Larsen steel sheet pile, this construction is called Larsen steel pile pile piling.

Larsen steel pile pile piling is also a strict requirement, must be done before the piling layer quality analysis, first of all to piling construction plans to carry out, and then according to the design drawings piling, piling in the process, the safety issues must pay attention, Playing steel sheet pile is a high risk factor construction projects, we must take safety as the primary consideration.


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