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Construction of pit wall support for Larsen steel sheet pile

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As a kind of green building materials of Larson steel sheet pile Larson steel sheet pile in large scale construction in modern has been widely put into use, then, how to make the advantages of building materials are more likely to have played out, it is necessary to master the use of construction materials in the pile is piling and points the problems. It is a traditional construction method that we use steel sheet pile stabilization and pit wall support to excavate foundation pit, but the probability of accident is very high. Therefore, we must know some safety requirements for foundation pit steel sheet pile construction when we plan to choose foundation.

First of all, in the course of construction, in order to prevent accidents, it is not to be ignored to observe the rules of operation. Before commencement, all kinds of equipment and equipment must be overhauled and tested to ensure that the equipment is in good, normal running state and regular maintenance. Electrical appliances must be installed and repaired by a full-time electrician and set up.

Secondly, people who are in the construction area are strictly prohibited from drunk work. Besides, the staff need to know all the safety notices of this work and stick to their posts. It is strictly prohibited for construction workers to drink and work after work and drink at work. Special types of workers such as electricians, welders and other construction personnel must be trained, skilled operation requirements, strict implementation of safety rules for the operation of the work.

Furthermore, all kinds of electrical equipment to contact in the process of construction are not able to install, especially for the construction work, it is not a hint of sloppy; to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong any exposure to electrical equipment, the need to add a protective cover, to prevent bumps harm!

Finally, in addition to the above, the steel sheet pile inserted in the play also need certain safety protection, we need to make some investigation on the construction platform in the construction process,Interpretation of layout and frequency of steel sheet pile monitoring the stability of steel sheet pile should strengthen the observation, found a lack of security, should take immediate remedial measures.


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