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How to Identify the Quality of Larsen Steel Sheet Piles

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In recent years, Larsen steel sheet pile in the domestic application of more and more widely, while the market has gradually expanded, for the identification of quality has become the focus of consumer attention. As the Larsen steel sheet pile is a large steel plate material, for the authenticity of the quality of consumer choice has become a careful part of the choice. But for those who do not understand the quality of Larsen steel sheet quality of the consumers is a difficult problem. Here we look at how to identify the quality of Larsen steel sheet pile.

1, the appearance of the inspection, including the length, width, thickness, surface defects, the end of the rectangular ratio, flatness and the shape of the lock and several other aspects.

2, the material test, here refers to the steel sheet of the chemical composition of the material and mechanical properties of a comprehensive test.

Hazard of Lincoln Steel Sheet Pile in Construction:

Genuine Larsen steel sheet pile in terms of performance and quality, are significantly more than the counterfeit products to high-end many, if the purchase or leasing do not pay attention to the authenticity of the product, then the consequences to people is not just money The loss may also lead to unsafe construction or quality is not guaranteed.


Forged Larsen steel piles, it is often difficult to achieve the performance or goals required by the construction team in the construction of steel sheet piles. Many of the things that can be achieved can not be achieved due to differences in quality. Do not carefully identify the words, not only the quality is not guaranteed, the service life will be significantly reduced.


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