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Knowledge Analysis of Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam

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Knowledge Analysis of Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam

Steel sheet pile cofferdam is the most commonly used kind of sheet pile cofferdam. Steel sheet pile is a kind of steel with a lock, its section has a straight shape, groove and Z-shaped, etc., there are a variety of size and interlock form. Common are the Larsen type, Lakwana type and so on.

The advantages of steel sheet pile cofferdam are: high strength, easy to penetrate hard soil; can be built in deep water, if necessary, oblique support to become a cage. Waterproof performance; can be composed of various forms of cofferdam, and can be repeated use, therefore, it is widely used.


In the construction of bridges commonly used in the top of the cofferdam cofferdam, its wide range of uses. Pipe foundation, pile foundation and excavation foundation of cofferdam.


These steel sheet pile coffers use single-wall closed, cofferdam with vertical and horizontal support, if necessary, oblique support to become a cage. Such as China's Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge pipe column foundation, has used steel sheet pile round cofferdam, its diameter 21.9 meters, steel sheet length 36 meters, a variety of size and interlock form. To be underwater concrete back cover to meet the strength requirements, pumping construction platform and pier body, pumping design depth of 20 meters.


In the hydraulic construction, the general construction area is very large, it is often used to make body cofferdam. It consists of a number of interconnected monomers, each composed of a number of steel sheet pile, the middle of the body with soil fill. Cofferdam covers a wide range, can not support the use of support weir wall, so each monomer can be alone to resist overturning, sliding and prevent interlocking at the crack. Commonly used in a circular and partitioned form.


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