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Materials for building materials known as Larson steel sheet piles

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Larsen steel sheet pile is a well-known and popular building material in civil engineering field. The application of soil retaining structure under various conditions, its application areas and advantages have been constantly proved and confirmed. Through the development of some famous engineers in western countries, the world's first U type section of steel sheet pile with convex cross locking was developed in Bremen. As a new type of building material, Larson steel sheet pile plays an important role in the construction of retaining wall, retaining wall, retaining wall, retaining wall, retaining wall and so on. The successful application of Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam technology in the construction of super deep cap of bridge covered with sub sand and silt sand has achieved good social benefits.

Larson steel sheet pile has become the most domestic, as of the first half of this year, nearly 600 large construction machinery and equipment exports nearly tens of millions of dollars, export construction machinery has gradually become a scale. It is understood that China exported to Southeast Asian countries especially Kazakhstan engineering machinery and equipment including loaders, excavators, bulldozers, cranes, graders, road roller, gravel soil mixing equipment, pump, concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck, dump truck, bulk cement truck etc. more than ten kinds of engineering equipment, general trade trade and border trade export, China Construction machinery export growth, on the one hand is the Kazakhstan city to expand the scale of construction, the mechanical equipment of the increasing demand, on the other hand is our product quality and cheap, customer service service, competitive in Kazakhstan, China's export of engineering construction machinery and equipment general technical level is relatively backward compared with the developed countries, but the product quality, What are the requirements for the height of the steel sheet pile marketable and competitive prices It is suitable for infrastructure construction.


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