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Preparation of Larsen steel sheet pile needs to be prepared before construction

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The so-called "cutting wood" is not mistaken for the work of sharpening the knife, saying is the importance of preparation in advance. Only with sufficient preparation can we get twice the result with half the effort. The Larsen steel sheet pile is widely used and can be used in permanent and temporary structural buildings. In the permanent structure, can be used for wharf, unloading field, Levee Revetment, retaining wall, retaining wall, breakwater, embankment, dock gate, etc.; in temporary structures, can be used for temporary expansion of bank, flow, bridge cofferdam, large pipeline laying temporary ditch excavation retaining, water retaining sand, etc.; at the same time because of its strong timeliness in the emergency rescue in the flood, therefore, can be used for flood control, anti collapse, anti sand etc..

Careful and thorough investigation is necessary before Larson steel sheet construction. It is very necessary not only to ensure the smooth progress of the project, but also to ensure safety. It is necessary to do a good job of three points in advance. Only by doing so can the project be better monitored.

First of all, we should investigate the terrain and geology of the construction area.

The day is not as good as the ground. Only by taking advantage of the good geographical advantage, the entry of the Larsen steel sheet pile will be more relaxed.  From the way of penetration, whether to go in on the ground or on board will become the basis of selected materials, machinery and the way of transportation, the whole construction process and so on.

Secondly, we should investigate the meteorology and the sea elephant.

A good day will undoubtedly bring unexpected results to the work. The construction of steel sheet piles is a high level operation, accompanied by heavy load transportation. Most of them are affected by meteorological conditions. Especially when entering the sea, the construction of steel sheet piles will become difficult because of waves. The tide, How does the price of steel sheet pile be calculated the river can also become an obstacle.


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