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Prevention of seepage in steel sheet pile construction

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Steel sheet pile is widely used in the construction of foundation construction. It is a kind of high efficiency and environment friendly steel for foundation project. At present, the annual consumption of steel sheet piles is between 250--300 million tons, and the annual consumption in Asia, Japan and South Korea is 500 thousand tons. Singapore, China, Hongkong, China and Taiwan consume more than 50 thousand tons. In the construction process of steel sheet pile, steel sheet pile penetration phenomena often occur, so the situation will definitely affect the construction period, so we must understand the reasons for penetration phenomenon, Wuxi Hengyong construction experts tell you, the steel sheet pile and early prevention.

1, steel pile phenomenon

When the excavation of the foundation pit is more than half the time, it is found that the steel sheet pile leaks mainly at the joint and the corner, and sand is also poured in some places.

2, cause analysis

(1) there are many old piles of steel sheet piles, which are not repaired or repaired properly before use, and the locking joint is not joint well, so that the joint is easy to leak. In order to close and fold the corner, there should be a special type of angle pile. This kind of angle pile must be cut and welded, and it may deform

(2) when the steel sheet pile is set, the locking holes of the two sheet piles may not be inserted closely and do not meet the requirements.

(3) the verticality of the pile does not meet the requirements, resulting in the leakage of the lock opening.

3 、 steel sheet pile preventive measures

(1) the old steel sheet pile should be repaired and corrected before setting. The correction shall be carried out on the platform, and the steel plate with bent deformation can be corrected by hydraulic jacking, top pressing or fire drying.

(2) make the cleaning support, in order to ensure that the steel sheet pile is vertically pushed and pushed into the steel sheet pile and the wall is straight.

(3) to prevent the displacement of the center line of the steel sheet pile lock mouth, and to set up a pallet at the locking point of the steel sheet pile in the direction of pile driving to prevent sheet pile displacement.

(4) to ensure that the steel sheet pile is vertically controlled by 2 theodolites, and the hammer is struck from two directions.

(5) it is difficult to seal and fold because of the inclination of the steel sheet pile and the gap of the locking joint. Larsen steel sheet pile instability will bring the impact of the ground the solution is to use special-shaped sheet pile (this method is difficult); two is to use the axis closed method, this method is more convenient.


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