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Teach you to identify the quality of steel sheet piles by weight

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Steel sheet pile, according to its processing and production process can be divided into: hot-rolled / tensile steel sheet pile, cold-formed steel sheet pile. Now due to the production conditions and the size of the restrictions, hot-rolled steel sheet pile in the country there is no production line, China's hot-rolled steel sheet pile are used abroad. Common hot-rolled steel sheet pile manufacturers are Korean modern steel mills, Japan Nippon Steel Works, Japan's Sumitomo steel mills, Japan JFE steel mills, as well as some manufacturers in Europe and America.

We all know that the construction of steel sheet pile is not an easy words, in the construction of steel sheet pile safety is the first, but how to ensure the quality of steel sheet pile also can not be ignored. Steel sheet pile is currently the most widely used in China, but not everyone knows how to identify its quality, today Wuxi Hengyong construction experts teach you how to identify the quality of steel sheet pile.

First, by the theoretical weight to analyze the actual weight is consistent with the standard

Different types of steel sheet pile in the same area contained in the weight is not the same, so we can through the characteristics of steel sheet pile to identify the quality of steel sheet pile meet the requirements, standards.

Second, understand the theoretical weight to identify the price is appropriate

Many businesses in order to earn higher profits, often some of the poor or poor level of steel sheet pile to serve as a high level of steel sheet pile. If you do not understand the theoretical weight of steel sheet pile, then the purchase process is very easy to be ignored by the business. SP-IV 48 kg / m; SP-IV 76.1 kg / m; SP-Vl 105 kg / m; SP-IVw 106 kg / m; SP-VIl 120 kg / m Understand these basic models and weight, I believe we in the future purchase, the heart will have a bottom.

Shunli of steel industry to science and technology plant as a guide to "quality first, users first" for the purpose, with a wealth of steel sheet processing capacity, fully equipped with the needs of customers selected according to the special requirements to design and manufacture all kinds of pull Sen steel sheet pile, we sincerely hope that with your sincere cooperation, create Wai Yip.


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