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The impact of steel sheet pile instability on the ground

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Use steel sheet piles as earth retaining works. When the piles are driven into the ground, care must be taken not to allow the soil to enter the sheet pile manufacturers. Locking places are generally used for convenience. Grease is usually applied to the locks to facilitate the use of the piles. Construction operation. In the process of driving piles, it is necessary to keep the steel sheet piles vertical. Usually, the theodolites are used to inspect. When driving piles, it is necessary to keep the two steel sheet piles in the same direction in order to facilitate the subsequent steel sheet piles along the front of the pile. . If the steel sheet piles are not deep enough, the supporting rigidity of the steel sheet piles will be insufficient, which will cause groundwater or groundwater to flow into the grooves. The vicious cycle will cause the soil deformation behind the steel sheet pile to be too large, which will directly lead to the instability of the steel sheet pile, and the ground will be affected by the following:

1.Small deformation ground settlement value ≤ 50mm, it will affect the range of 1-1.5 times the groove depth;

2.The medium-deformation land subsidence value of 50-100mm will affect the excavation depth of the foundation pit more than 1.5 times;

3.large deformation of ground settlement value ≥ 100mm, it will affect the range of more than 2.5 times the pit excavation depth;


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