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What is the construction process of steel sheet piles?

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The Larson steel sheet pile has been widely China should be in it, but there are still many construction units for the construction process of steel sheet pile is not very understanding, that here we have to introduce the construction process of steel sheet pile is what it looks like, in fact, Larson steel sheet pile construction is mainly divided into three stages:

Construction process of steel sheet pile

First, the preparatory stage

1, construction personnel to the construction address, geological condition, pile position, diameter, length of pile, standard advanced investigation is clear.

2 、 staking out the pile location. The surveyors used 4 diameter 400mm steel tubes to enter the strong weathering layer as the positioning pile.

3, the hoisting of steel welded steel cofferdam, guiding pile and positioning pile layered joint fixed, ensure that the guide frame position is accurate.

4, plug steel protection cylinder. The thickness of the steel retaining wall is 12mm, and the length of the retaining tube is determined according to the different geological conditions of the piers, and the sinking depth of the protecting cylinder passes through the covering layer.

5. Pile plate cofferdam. The Larsen III steel pile is shown along the guide frame. The vibration is lowered with the Dz-60Y vibratory hammer until it passes through the covering.

Two 、 construction drilling stage

1. Rig the drill pipe to make the middle of the drill pipe coincide, and the error of its degree, displacement and inclination shall be adjusted according to the standard.

2, with the impact drilling, drilling, should be adjacent to the hole on the concrete has been pouring condensate, and has reached the inevitable strength when drilling.

3, drilling process using positive reverse reverse drilling construction skills, in the clay layer, appropriate less soil, drilling by drilling, and in the sand layer, increase mud concentration, solid wall. The drilling speed has been consistent with the mud discharge.

4, the hole has been adhering to the 0.2kg/cm2 hydrostatic pressure, casing has been higher than the water level in the reservoir water level, in loose stratum, appropriate increase of slurry relative density and consistency, to minimize the effect of flushing on the hole wall, but also reduce the speed and drilling pressure to meet the requirements of construction quality control.

Three 、 construction cleaning stage

1, the clear hole is in the bored pile construction guarantees the pile quality the main link. After clearing the hole, all the sediment can be cleaned out, so that the concrete and the bedrock are joined together to improve the bearing capacity of the pile bottom.

3, the end of the hole, the drill bit at a distance of 0.2-O.3m to the bottom of the hole, which will remain idle, then drill hole bottom slag suction; when needed to progress into excessive soda mud and cement to make sediment discharge hole.


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