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Advantages and Application of Steel Plate Bearing

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The development of the sheet piling bearing foundation and corner connection opens a new era of load-bearing piles by connecting the same number of sheet pilings together to form a closed section, which can then be driven into the ground in sequence, using specialized piling equipment to avoid Noise and vibration are generated during piling, which can be used in sensitive areas and urban areas where impact piling is restricted.
In addition to reducing the impact on the environment, load-bearing foundation can also be carried out during the piling test load construction can be immediately bearing the completion of construction. In addition, the load-bearing foundation can also be pulled out after the completion of reuse.
The section, size and section characteristics of the load-bearing foundation consisting of four, five and root H-section steel C9 lock-out core connectors are listed, together with the ultimate bearing capacity of the load-bearing sheet piling with S7GP and S55GP. The mechanical properties of bearing piles need to be re-analyzed according to the geological conditions of the construction site of the effective radius of pile (for calculating the torsional strength) is the table "maximum boundary distance."


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