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Forms of supply of U - shaped steel sheet piles and key points of piling operation

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Steel Sheet Pile Availability:
U-shaped sheet pile Tong Tong is a single pile supply, this form is easy to supply, reduce the site hoisting, positioning time.
When the U-pile is supplied in pairs, it is not symmetrical in cross-section and requires special attention to the stacking problem: in this case, there are two different ways from the end of the sheet pile, with lifting holes, By installing a new hoisting hole at the end of the pile, and lifting the slab by the new hoisting hole.
Pile, U-shaped pile bending bending caused by the internal and external flange with the longitudinal shear force, and the following factors:
1, the friction caused by the deformation of the locking hole along the length of the pile;
2, the piling process, 3 particles squeezed into the lock to form the friction;
3, the steel plate pile deep in the excavation of a certain depth under the required passive earth pressure;
4, the soil pile at the interface of the friction;
5, OZ-type combined pile purlin and cap beam of the common role;
6, piling form (single pile, pile, three pile)
7, piling method.
If the forces generated by the combination of forces can resist long-term shear forces, the steel sheet piles will exhibit their full section modulus. However, under certain conditions, it is only necessary to crimp or weld the inner and outer flanges together to provide sufficient resistance . This situation often occurs in:
① using cantilevered steel sheet pile;
② due to rock or hard soil block, the steel sheet pile can not reach the design depth,
③ steel sheet pile for supporting surface water, soft clay and silt;
④ lock port after lubrication.


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