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Interlocked pipe

These are related to the Interlocked pipe news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Interlocked pipe and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Interlocked pipe market.
  • [Industry knowledge] What scenarios are interlocked pipes applied to?

    What scenarios are interlocked pipes applied toIn the process of excavating large-section tunnels, firstly, interlocked pipe must be driven into the geotechnical section to form a pipe curtain as the initial support structure. Then, earth excavation and tunnel support are carried out in the protecti

  • [Industry knowledge] What is interlocked pipes?

    what is interlocked pipesInterlocked pipe, a composite concrete pipe in which both the inner and outer surfaces are plastic. The interlocked pipe may be formed of any diameter by forming the inner and outer plastic surfaces from helically wrapped interlocking plastic strips to form the diameters des

  • [Industry knowledge] What are the types of interlocked pipes?

    What are the types of interlocked pipesThe interlocked pipe means pipe with a certain clutch or interlock to connect with each other, or connect with sheet piles to form a combined wall.For the interlock, we could provide both hot-rolled SLZC9 interlocks and cold-rolled interlocks. The hot-rolled in

  • [Industry knowledge] How to use interlocked pipes?

    How to use interlocked pipesThe interlocked pipe is a non-watertight pipe for use in stormwater applications. The interlocked pipe itself is used for centering the pipe during laying operations, thus making the process easier. Here is the content list:l What is the main design of the interlocked pi

  • [Industry knowledge] How to maintain interlocked pipes?

    How to maintain interlocked pipesInterlocked pipe is used to create a strong foundation for large, heavy structures such as buildings, bridges and roads. The interlocked pipes are made of steel pipe that’s driven or drilled deep into the ground in order to help distribute the weight of a structure d


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