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What is interlocked pipes?


Interlocked pipe, a composite concrete pipe in which both the inner and outer surfaces are plastic. The interlocked pipe may be formed of any diameter by forming the inner and outer plastic surfaces from helically wrapped interlocking plastic strips to form the diameters desired.


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How to understand interlocked pipes?

Specific classification of interlocked pipes

Precautions for interlocked pipes in production


How to understand interlocked pipes?

1.Interlocked pipe means that pipes with a certain clutch or interlock are connected to each other, or to sheet piles to form a combined wall.

2.For interlocking, we can provide hot rolled SLZC9 interlocked pipe and cold rolled interlocked pipe. Hot-rolled interlocks can only be used to connect with hot-rolled sheet piles, while cold-rolled interlocks can only be connected with cold-rolled interlocks.

3.Other forms of interlocked pipes are available upon the buyer's request.


Product name

Interlocking pipe pile wall






ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, CE-EN1090, FPC,   cold forming grade one


Q235B, Q345B, S235, S240, SY295, S355,   S430, S460, A690, ASTM A572 grade 50, ASTM A572 grade 60. All Chinese   standards, EN standards, ASTM standards and other standard materials can be   provided upon request.

Special tube

Super long tube

Product list

Saw blade steel pipe


Products are used to build ports,   shipyards, ports, bridges, cofferdams, etc.


Specific classification of interlocked pipes

The interlocked pipe has the advantages of novel design and simple structure. It is convenient to use and overlap during construction. When used in cofferdams, interlocked pipes can play the role of surrounding water, soil and sand. In addition, according to their different application, interlocked pipes can also be divided into pipes for pipelines(with API 5L certificate), pipes for machinery industry, pipes for petroleum geological drilling, etc..

Interlocked pipe 

B28B19/0023 Lining the inner wall of hollow objects, e.g. pipes

B28B19/0038 Machines or methods for applying the material to surfaces to form a permanent layer thereon lining the outer wall of hollow objects, e.g. pipes

B28B19/0046 Machines or methods for applying the material to surfaces to form a permanent layer thereon to plastics

B28B21/72 Producing multilayer tubes

F16L9/14 Compound tubes, i.e. made of materials not wholly covered by any one of the preceding groups


Precautions for interlocked pipes in production

In many areas of the country hydrogen sulfide corrosion of sanitary sewers is a severe problem. The alkaline nature of the cement paste in concrete is particularly susceptible to attack from the sulfuric acid formed from generation of hydrogen sulfide in sanitary sewers. To combat this problem, liners of highly plasticized PVC were created to be cast into the inside diameter of concrete interlocked pipes.

These liners were successful in providing corrosion protection; however, they had other problems. Their extremely flexible nature made them difficult to handle in the interlocked pipe manufacturers plant.

Therefore,temperature differences were important since these liners had to be placed around the fixed diameter inside forms. These liners had a very high coefficient of thermal expansion relative to the steel forms so depending on the ambient temperature they could either fit too tightly or loosely.


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