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How to maintain interlocked pipes?


Interlocked pipe is used to create a strong foundation for large, heavy structures such as buildings, bridges and roads. The interlocked pipes are made of steel pipe that’s driven or drilled deep into the ground in order to help distribute the weight of a structure down to the stronger soil or rock below.Different types of interlocked pipes will work better for different projects, depending on the nature of the soil and the weight of the structure that’s being supported.


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What are the installation requirements for interlocked pipes?

Possible problems in the maintenance of the interlocked pipes.

How to properly maintain interlocked pipes?


What are the installation requirements for interlocked pipes?

To install interlocked pipe, interlocked pipe is forced into the ground. This can be done one of two ways, either by driving the piles or drilling the piles.Interlocked pipe can be driven into the ground using a large impact hammer.

Driving the interlocked pipe is favored over drilling in situations where the soil is fairly loose, since driving the piles into the ground compresses the surrounding soil and therefore causes greater friction, which increases the load-bearing capacity of the interlocked pipe.

Interlocked pipe

Possible problems in the maintenance of the interlocked pipes

The existing pipe-screen interlocked pipe structure can only retain soil, not waterproof, that is, it can only prevent soil from entering the construction area formed by the pipe curtain, and cannot prevent groundwater from entering the construction area formed by the pipe curtain

The connection between the tunnel tube and the interlocked pipe is not strong, and the joint strength is low.In the tunnel construction project, it will inevitably be affected by groundwater. If groundwater enters the protection area formed by the pipe curtain, it will cause the soil inside the tunnel to collapse and form a cavity.


If the amount of water seepage is large, it is necessary to carry out drainage operations inside the tunnel, which increases the construction period and increases the cost.It is very important to design a pipe-screen interlocked pipe structure that can both retain soil and waterproof, and the joints of the pipe-screen are increased in strength by grouting, which can effectively ensure the smooth progress of tunnel construction.


How to properly maintain interlocked pipes?

Interlocked pipe can be drilled into the ground using rotary boring equipment. Rotary boring is commonly used to install large diameter interlocked pipes, and also when interlocked pipes need to be installed in especially hard ground.

In both methods, the interlocked pipe remain in place due to friction in the soil.The design of a interlocked pipe system can be customized depending on the ground conditions and support requirements. Because interlocked pipe is made of steel, it can handle heavy loads and withstand extreme environments.


Interlocked pipes are favored for many reasons. They’re highly customizable. Because the interlocked pipe can be tweaked to exact load specifications, costs can also be reduced. interlocked pipes are relatively easy to build, and they’re also easy to replace after construction is complete, so their maintenance and replacement costs are some of the lowest. For large structures such as buildings and bridges where a deep foundation is necessary, interlocked pipe is an excellent choice.


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