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12 meters IV Larsen steel sheet piles

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Over the years, people have been thinking that piling is one of the most serious disturbances to the surrounding environment of the construction site. In the case of piling technology in the past, this is true, but with the increase in construction machinery and piling technology, steel sheet piles not only can the cost of piling control: but also reduce noise and vibration.

12 meters IV Larsen steel sheet piles

When the construction site is located near a residential building, laboratory or historic building, the construction side has a tight construction plan to ensure that the impact of the piling on the surrounding buildings is minimized while ensuring the progress of the works. Piling in a residential area will have a certain degree of impact on the normal life of the inhabitants, but you can choose the appropriate piling technology to shorten the duration to control noise and vibration within acceptable limits.

Modern piling techniques can effectively reduce the noise and vibration generated during piling. If the geological conditions allow the use of static hydraulic pile technology. Due to the fact that static pressure piling is almost no noise and vibration, steel sheet piles are preferred as in areas where environmental pollution control is very strict, such as hospitals, urban areas, vulnerable cables or pipelines along, and near sophisticated computer equipment.

In the granular soil, vibration piling is the fastest of all piling methods, and the vibration it produces is larger than the static pile, which is smaller than the impact piling. The advanced technology allows the operator to change the frequency and amplitude of the vibrating hammer to accommodate different site conditions and avoid the severe vibrations of the soil around the pile caused by resonance.

Shock piling produces noise and vibration much larger than other methods, but this method applies to any type of soil, and it may be the only piling method available in hard clay or soft rock. With the advancement of technology, the way hammer has changed, in the past half century, the impact hammer drive equipment from steam to diesel and then to the hydraulic drive. Therefore, relative to the past impact hammer, 4 # Larsen steel sheet piles theoretical weight of modern hydraulic drop hammer to the environment pollution is much smaller. In addition, you can also use the fence to seal the noise source

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