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9 meters long steel sheet piles each have multiple?

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9 meters steel sheet piles in the pile is the most common type of demand, we today on this type of length of steel sheet piles weight and other construction parameters to give you an understanding of.
First generally speaking directly to ask 9 meters steel sheet piles has multiple this other people is not good to answer you, but also need to add a model. For example: 9 m steel pile 3 pile, size is: 400*125*13mm weight: 60kg/m weight: 0.54 tons of A. Larson steel sheet piles pile No. 4, the specification is 400*170 thickness of 15.5 mm Single 76.1Kg/m. The weight of the formula is: the length * single * * * requires the root number. Then we use this method to calculate the actual example of a cis force in steel engineering:
A depth of 9 meters, 80 meters to extend the IV type of Larson steel sheet piles calculation method
Larson IV specifications: 400x170x15.5mm, the theory of weight of total 76.1kg/m. dosage: 76.1kg/m pile length x x root number (here you need 2000)
9 meter steel sheet piles
In addition, 9 meters of Larson steel sheet piles is u need watering in the construction, the construction depends on the geological situation, if not what can the construction without water resistance. A steam pipe underneath, if you encounter the steam pipe under the above need to play 9 meters Larson steel sheet piles, you first need to pile the vibration generated by the reduced to the minimum, in strict accordance with the requirements of the pile after pile pressing and ensure each vertical lock are connected to confirm all. Shun Li believes that the main steel construction time as long as not barbaric construction is too big it should not shake the problem is not so serious.
Of course, if you have a different length of the demand for steel sheet piles, we can provide you the sanic steel engineering tailored. At present, Japan and Europe, Japan and the longest in about 31 meters. Our company can do more than 50 meters, but it is not recommended to do too long, because it is not convenient to transport and construction.
Shun Li steel marketing network all over the world's major regions, all kinds of steel sheet piles, steel pipe pile production, sales volume, export volume ranking first Chinese.


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