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A Brief Analysis of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile Piling

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Larsen steel sheet pile as a new type of building materials, in the construction of bridge cofferdam, large pipe laying, temporary ditch excavation for retaining, retaining, sand wall; in the dock, unloading yard for retaining walls, retaining walls, Revetment and other aspects of the widely used. But sometimes we are in the construction of Larsen sheet pile construction Larsen steel sheet pile, the feeling is not enough, Larsen steel sheet pile does not enter the soil, the following we have to analyze the reasons for piling not to go and Larsen sheet pile Do not go in how to do?

First encountered Larsen piling not to enter, may be the construction program (such as geological conditions), of course, there may be mechanical problems.

1、if the construction program, you can use the hole, because some of the geological relatively sticky or hard, you can use the mechanical hole, the soil loose, or remove the part and then enter, of course, this also has a certain risk, Time will be a bit difficult.

2、if it is a mechanical problem, you can replace the pile driver. Generally more rigid address requires 90-120 vibration hammer, if the piling machine can use 450-600 of the machine.

Larsen steel sheet pile construction Note:

1、Larsen steel sheet pile construction outside the edge of the die, mold demolition of the room.

2、the foundation pit Larsen steel sheet pile layout should be as flat as possible, to avoid irregular corner, so that the use of standard steel sheet pile and support settings. The size of the surrounding as far as possible to meet the pile modulus.

3、Larsen steel sheet before the cast, should be the tip of the groove at the bottom of the mouth closed, the mouth should be coated with grease. For permanent engineering should be painted red red rust paint.

4、the entire foundation during the construction, in the excavation, lifting, bar reinforcement, pouring concrete and other construction operations, is strictly prohibited collision support, prohibit arbitrary removal of support, prohibited in the support of any cutting, welding, Things.

5、in the piling and piling machine to clear the scope of the ground and underground obstacles, leveling the venue, do a good job drains, the construction of temporary roads.


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