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A Cordial Meet between Shunli Steel and Bao Steel

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On the morning of May 14, 2020, Mr. Hou Angui, general manager of Bao Steel, led Mr. Shi Bing, chairman of Meishan Steel, Mr. Wen Faping, vice president of Meishan Steel, Mr. Li Zigang, vice president of Bao Steel Central Research Institute, Mr. Yang Xiaodong, general manager of Shanghai Steel Trade, Mr. Wang Dongsheng, deputy general manager of Bao Steel Marketing Center, Mr. Zheng bin, general manager of hot-rolled department of Steel Trade and other members to visit Shunli for inspection and guidance. They received warm reception and cordial meeting from Mr. Wang Yin, chairman of Shunli Steel.



Mr. Wang Yin, first extended a warm welcome to general manager Hou Angui, who led his group to visit Shunli in his busy schedule, and sincerely expressed thanks to Bao Steel for its long-term strong support and help to Shunli.



They spoke their mind freely and had in-depth communication and exchanges on expanding strategic cooperation. Mr. Hou Angui expressed thanks to Shunli for supporting and cooperating to Bao Steel over the years. Bao Steel will improve the personalized service level for Shunli in terms of delivery, product innovation and after-sale service to vigorously support the development of Shunli global market. Mr. Hou Angui and his group then visited Shunli's sample room, and highly appraised Shunli's rapid development and specially-designed products.



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