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A brief introduction to the combi wall


Combi wall is widely used in the field of architecture and has many advantages.  So why do people attach so much importance to combi wall?This article will give a brief introduction to combi wall. 

HZ Combi walls

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Definition of combi wall

  • Types of combi wall

  • Application of combi wall


1.Definition of combi wall:

Combi wall is a kind of industrial production of a new generation of high-performance building internal partition, composed of a variety of building materials composite, instead of the traditional brick, it has environmental protection, energy conservation and no pollution, light earthquake, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, construction fast obvious advantages. 


2. Types of combi wall:

(1) According to the different composition materials, combi wall can be divided into glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) composite exterior wall board, reinforced concrete combi wall, steel wire mesh frame cement sandwich board, metal surface sandwich composite exterior wall board, etc. 

(2) Composite internal wall board according to the different materials used can be: gypsum board combi wall (light keel plate combi wall), fiber cement board composite internal wall board, calcium silicate composite internal wall board. 

(3) Combi wall is favored by people due to its excellent performance, beautiful appearance, convenient construction and other advantages.  Currently, the combi wall varieties are very complex, with different names, and the development of various places is not standardized. Because of the relatively high cost, it is generally used in high-rise buildings. 

(4) According to the position of combi wall in a building, it can be divided into two kinds of combi wall: application compound outer wall and compound inner wall. Composite exterior wall refers to the opaque envelope structure of the building facade constructed by composite method.  In addition to bearing the corresponding load, it should also be able to play the role of heat preservation and sound insulation. In the current stage, the main functional requirement of combi wall is to improve its thermal insulation performance to meet the requirements of building energy conservation. Composite interior wall board refers to the wall made with composite method, inside the building, used for household or room division, composite interior wall should be able to withstand its own quality or part of the load from the outside, the main functional requirements of the composite interior wall is to improve its sound insulation performance and fire performance, improve the safety and comfort of living. 

(5) According to the different purposes of use, combi wall can be divided into: heat preservation combi wall body and sound drying combi wall body combi wall.  Heat preservation combi wall is generally used in the internal wall of most buildings -- partition wall or household wall. According to the different positions of insulation materials, insulation combi wall body can be divided into external insulation combi wall body, internal insulation combi wall body and sandwich insulation combi wall body. 


3. Application of combi wall:

(1) Combi wall is suitable for sub-room sound insulation with higher requirements on projects such as hotels, KTV, schools, hospitals, etc. 

(2) Combi wall is suitable for projects with limited requirements for construction, such as store partition wall and secondary renovation partition wall. 

(3) Combi wall is suitable for the projects requiring the reduction of wall load: high wall, light steel building, steel structure, prefabricated building. 

(4) Combi wall is suitable for fire protection projects with special requirements such as pipe well, firewall and large kitchen. 

(5) Combi wall is suitable for projects with requirements on construction schedule. 

(6) Combi wall is suitable for moisture-proof and waterproof projects with special requirements: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, outdoor and other projects. 

(7) Combi wall is suitable for the projects with requirements for nail hanging and adhesion: fixtures, home decoration, internal and external walls and other types of conventional partitions. 

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