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ASDO355 ASDO460 ASDO500 ASDO700 Horizontal tie rod and steel tie bars

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The horizontal bar asdo355 tie asdo460 asdo500 and asdo700 are flip the steel bar, which are used to connect sheet pile wall, high modulus pile and concrete wall. Unlike traditional forging in which parent metals, the size of hot forgings is into a smaller, forged coarse is a process by which the sheet piles for sale, and the area of the cross section is parent metal. In the case of This allows the ends of asdo to be increased in anchor bar and section steel rolling thread to the the This gives the advantage cut cylinder, of reducing the in the thread pressure.

Steel gradeMin Yield strengthMin Tensile strengthDiameterStandardFactor


ASDO355355510M64-M160DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.0/1.25
ASDO460460610M64-M160DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.0/1.25
ASDO500500660M64-M160DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.0/1.25
ASDO700700900M64-M160DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.15/1.25

Anker Schroder has many tie bar accessories, like screw buckle and buckle connection, hinged type universal joint link platform, the choice of steel sheet pile grade for iron bar asdo 355 asdo 460 asdo 500 asdo 700 gold a number of depends on our factors, and high strength steel will be always on a diet this tie rod lightest the may not be is suitable for the requirements of stiffness and Kim lead-times.forces are transferred from door welding of the sheet pile anchor bar waling through to the length of the Wall, run. These are at the usually places Behind the walwald (the earth side) and at the anchor the without side walls.

Floating slabs are concrete slabs with a continuous grade beam.  The beams support vertical column load. The slab can be spread under the column or it may be reinforced along the bottom.

Pier, footing, and grade beam is made up of a rectangular to square footing with a grade beam wall. Piers and footings assume the vertical load.


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