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ASF355 ASF460 ASF500 ASF600 ASF900 ASF round steel tie rod

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Anker Schroeder manufactures round steel tie rods, well suited for transmitting tensile loads. Tie rods are manufactured in two forms; straight round tie bars, and tie bars with upset forged ends. Tie rods can be manufactured to any transportable length and extended by using couplers and turnbuckles.

The standard range of marine tie rods covers any size from M36 to M160, standard sheet pile manufacturers suitable for tie rods in marine applications are grade 355, 460 and 500. Other dimensions or steel grades are available upon request.

Steel grade

Min Yield strengthMin Tensile strengthDiameterStandardFactor


ASF355355510M39-M150DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.0/1.25
ASF460460640M39-M150DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.0/1.25
ASF500500680M39-M150DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.0/1.25
ASF600600900M39-M150DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.15/1.25
ASF9009001040M39-M150DIN EN 1993-5, EAU20121.15/1.25

To ASF round lever ASF 355 ASF 460 ASF 500 600 ASF ASF 900 species including steel. In the case of the normal force in anchor plate. Concrete anchor plate is employed, you must dig the bottom surface of the concrete. Round steel rod according to length of fracture surface analysis. We have T type anchor plate after you have run joint belief. To verify the safety verification of front plate, to determine the depth of the anchor plate.

Disturbance of the lever and screw steel and DIN EN 1993 and light 2012 standard  marine pile structure d 355 460 500 rod; the port of the water, the route. 600 and 900 lever are of two kinds: the ending of the head height or belief. We run the bar head  bolts, nuts, bolts, nuts, including the left and right.

The connection point of the wood screw anchor, sheet pile wall anchor bolt, nut, a coupling nut, the nut is connected to the anchor plate. Broad and deep excavation of anchor to anchor  wall have small angle and horizontal round rod is attached to the many.


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