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​AZ12,AZ13,AZ14,AZ17 Sheet pile

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Materials that are selected from the available AZ14 or AZ 14: user defined steel, concrete, wood, and synthetic materials. After allowing material loss due to corrosion, wear and other harmful effects, the pile section must provide minimal cross-sectional performance. The approximate relationship between internal friction angle and dry unit weight of various relative density and granular soil types. AZ12 SHEET PILING will automatically determine the value of the material coefficient gamma given in the Dutch standard, unless the user defined must input gamma m by the user .

Cantilever concrete wall sheet piles for sale. The cross-section of a prestressed or reinforced concrete wall shall be proportionally divided according to the section to the maximum moment, AZ13 shear and any axial load. Table 3 shows the approximate relationship between unconfined compressive strength, standard penetration resistance and cohesive soil unit weight. Input the elastic bending stiffness of each AZ 12 cross section pile (the product of Young modulus E and moment I). Porosity, N and void fraction E also show coarse grained soil with a specific gravity of G equal to 2.68.d. The required cross section of the AZ 17 anchorage wall. (1) the moment of the anchor wall reduces the vertical coordinates at the bottom of the input pile, which is related to the reference level. If bending stiffness changes along depth, multiple parts are used.

The diameter is the equivalent diameter of AZ12 and AZ 12 piles. D-SHEET PILING used this value as the width of soil reaction. Allow. ELAS. CHARAC. Time.  Rowe (1952, 1955a and b, 1956, 1957A and b) proved that the free earth method overestimated the maximum bending moment of AZ17 anchorage wall and horizontal tie rod. As mentioned before, earth pressure is essentially time dependent. Especially in clay and cohesive soil, cohesion, C and AZ 13 values of internal friction tend to change with time. Enter the modifier kmod to calculate the continuous life of the composite material. For the long term situation, the Holland standard NEN 6702 stipulates that the correction coefficient is 0.45 and the short-term situation coefficient is 0.5. The sheet pile structure in clay should be designed for a period of time and long-term conditions after construction. Limited information indicates that the long-term value of C is near zero due to the creep effect, and between 20 and 30 degrees. Input the allowable elastic moment M charac; the eigenvalue of EL (i.e. no safety factor).

Therefore, the long-term situation is close to the sheet pile in granular soil. The coefficient of material is only selected when a user defined material type is selected, only a partial safety factor gamma M is entered. M = reduction factor depends on AZ 14 wall geometry, wall flexibility and foundation soil characteristics.  Otherwise, the program will automatically apply the following factors (according to the corresponding European specification) to design the allowable torque: the functions of the AZ13 or AZ 13 structure usually retain various surface loads and the soil behind them. These surface loads or additives also exert lateral pressure on the wall, which helps the active pressure tend to move the AZ17 wall outward.  Typical surcharge loads are railways, highways, buildings, ore piling, cranes and so on. The maximum bending moment predicted by the maximum = free earth method R steel is given: gamma M= gamma Mo= 1, acc. European standard 3 - fifth part, art. Concrete: gamma M= gamma C= 1.1, acc. European norms 2 - Part 1.1, art.  Wood: gamma M= gamma M, fi = 1, acc. European norms 5 - Part 1-2, art. Synthesis: gamma M= 1.2 reduces the maximum torque of the coefficient.


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