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Advantages by Using Cold-Rolled SLZ Steel Sheet Piling

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Compared to old-fashioned hot-rolled steel sheet piling, which has existed in the world for more than a century, cold-rolled or cold-formed steel sheet piles are designed and manufactured by new technology.

Advantages by Using Cold-Rolled SLZ Steel Sheet Piling

Existed in late 1990s, cold-rolled steel sheet piling is becoming more and more popular in worldwide projects such as cofferdams, excavations, marine projects and etc. At the very beginning, cold-rolled sheet piling have been used as a substitute to hot-rolled sheet piles and most often, they have been used for temporary projects.

After more and more projects have applied cold-rolled sheet piling structure as permanent use in the world, cold-rolled sheet piling is becoming a competitor rather than substitute to hot-rolled sheet piling.

The advantages are apparent to be seen:

1. Flexible design by different combinations of rollers

2. Small quantity order acceptable

3. Super long piles available

4. Better section performance with lower weight

5. Within a range, customer could even order customized piling products according to project requirements.

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