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Advantages connected to the category of thin-walled spiral steel pipe piles

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Spiral pipe pile high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, durability, long life, maintenance-free, appearance and appearance of the new tube Due to the current development of strong power spiral steel pipe pile characteristics, in the 20th century before the second half of the 1990s, , Thin-walled spiral steel pipe pile, which are widely constructed for water supply, while water pipes are used for beverages.
pipe pile
6-8mm stainless steel or stainless steel, pipe welding made of another thickness of thin spiral wall welding automatic welding process.
China's reform and opening-up policy, the rapid growth of the national economy, urban housing construction, a large number of public buildings and tourism facilities, hot water supply and water supply have put forward new demands. Especially in terms of the quality of water quality issues, there is growing concern for growth, there is.
Beautiful, clean, good mechanical properties, looks stylish, excellent wear resistance and good health and safety performance, excellent heat resistance, excellent insulation properties, small water-proof smooth wall: thin-walled spiral pipe, 100 % The following recyclable advantage advantages; save water, the use of a wide range of long life, the overall cost is low.
At present, the stainless steel water pipe wall, field pipe fittings, the main difference is the same product in different connections, it follows two general thin-walled spiral steel pipe piles, fittings have been introduced to you. One is "the connection is convex type of card is compressed connection"
Spiral steel pipe pile durability, engineering has been recognized, the parties, in order to facilitate further promotion, thinning wall thickness, we are working at low prices.
Compression-type connection: When you connect the socket connector gland, we use a special tool to compress the seal nozzle to the sky and clamp the operation connection.
The connection details are as follows:
"Connection method to highlight the card is a" compressed connection technology to improve the method. A special magnifying tool is used instead of the thin-walled helical tube end of the outwardly (radially) inner wall to form a flange ring. The tube is then inserted into a receptacle of a frusto-conical PTFE, tightened with an ethylene ring and fitted with a lock nut and lock Tight nut, the sky relative to the flange ring to promote the compression cone trapezoidal PTFE seal ring. With the engineering design of the cumbersome process, budget, many design and basic design principles, the same traditional galvanized pipe in order to avoid the construction, for the promotion and application, has been more favorable.
With the advantages of safe and reliable, health and environmental protection, reasonable price, the development of successful connections, and thin-walled pipe, with high reliability, simple and convenient features, the pipe is irreplaceable, the project will be more and better prospects , Use more and more popular.


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