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Advantages of OT / OΩ sheet piles

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Advantages of OT sheet piles:
1、the structural form of symmetry、is very conducive to re-use;
2、rod and internal support and other accessories easy to install、even underwater is no exception;
3、the optimized cross-section height and width、the application of high-grade steel、supplemented by a professional design of the lock、to ensure that steel sheet piles can be reused;
4、a high degree of increase and the use of high-grade steel to ensure that the static cross-section characteristics of excellent quality and light;
5、the section of generous uniform、with good pile stiffness!
6、compared with the ordinary steel sheet、OT series of increased width、in the same equipment to save the case of lifting and piling time;
7、the same、because of the increase in width、but also reduce the number of locks per meter of wall wall、directly improve the wall sealing performance.
sheet piles
OΩ steel sheet piles advantages:
1、innovative sheet piles specifications for easy construction in the vicinity of the structure;
2、advanced manufacturing process can change the width of sheet piles、so as to obtain more series of steel sheet piles;
3、the width of the increase to reduce the number of locks per meter of rice cultivation、directly improve the sheet piles wall sealing performance.


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