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Advantages of prefabricated sheet pile


Reliable Quality of Prefabricated Structural Materials as Prefabricated Materials

The sheet pile is manufactured in factory automation and ensures uniform quality. In addition, they can be pre-produced and easily stored when materials are cheap. Proper supply of prefabricated sheet piles can complete site construction as soon as possible.

Wide range of applications

The self-supporting wall structure can only be sheet pile manufacturers constructed by installing prefabricated sheet piles from the ground. By choosing pillar structure, tie rod structure or double sheet pile structure, the structure can also increase strength. Prefabricated sheet pile can be widely used not only in temporary structures such as cofferdam and retaining wall, but also in permanent structures such as river revetment, wharf wall, road retaining wall and underground construction frame.

shorten work time

Prefabricated sheet piles of various shapes, lengths and thicknesses contribute to economic design. By shortening working time and reducing labor force, proper use of prefabricated sheet piles can save overall costs. In addition, some steel sheet piles can be repeatedly used as steel products of temporary structures, which can reduce construction costs.


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