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Analysis of Mechanics Principle of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile

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Larsen steel sheet pile works as a kind of foundation pit support structure. It has the characteristics of high strength, strong adaptability, close combination, good water leakage, simple construction, fast speed, and repeated use of temporary engineering. The premise of these excellent performance is that it must meet its internal design requirements.

The internal force analysis of Lusen steel sheet pile support is mainly to calculate the stress at the back bend of the Larsen steel sheet pile. The corresponding calculation should be combined with the minimum depth of the steel sheet pile in the actual construction process, and it is simplified as a straight beam , It must be emphasized that, due to the uncertainty and variability of the soil conditions, the depth of the soil during the calculation must retain a certain margin and must be multiplied by a margin factor. This coefficient is generally Choose 2 for the best.


The internal force calculation of the steel sheet pile support system is mainly to analyze the internal force of the purlin and the rod (or the anchor). The purlin is the continuous beam subjected to the uniform load, and the corresponding design design criterion of engineering mechanics and structural mechanics is used. Calculation and verification. In the construction process of Larsen steel sheet pile, the specific selection of steel sheet pile is optimized according to the characteristics of the foundation pit project, and the economic, technical and construction period are compared and finally optimized. The optimal selection is obtained from the overall consideration of the project cost. In the large-scale water conservancy construction site, The rainy season struck the construction of Larsen pile rainy season the use of Larsen steel sheet pile must be considered in many ways.


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