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Analysis on Construction of Hydraulic Shock Hammer by Pulling Larsen Steel Sheet Pile

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Hydraulic vibration playing Larsen steel sheet pile construction principle:

Lingsen steel sheet pile vibration piling is the use of high-frequency hydraulic vibration hammer on the steel plate piles to exert vibration, disturb the soil, so that the soil liquefaction, damage with the steel sheet between the friction and adsorption force and pressure or lift Insert or pull the steel sheet pile

Hydraulic vibration hammer pull Larsen steel pile 

Keywords: pile pile, hull type, suitable for playing steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile; reinforced concrete piles, Operation of simple and safe, can play a variety of piles and help winch pull pile.

Larsen steel sheet pile construction requirements:

1、the location of steel sheet pile to meet the design requirements, to facilitate the construction of the foundation, that is, the most prominent edge of the foundation outside the support model, mold demolition of the room.

2、the foundation of the steel sheet pile layout should be flat as a whole, to avoid the irregular corner, so that use of standard steel sheet pile and support settings. The size of the surrounding as far as possible to meet the pile modulus The

3、steel sheet before the cast, should be the tip of the groove at the bottom of the mouth closure, the mouth should be coated with grease. For permanent engineering should be painted red red rust paint.

4、the entire foundation during the construction, in the excavation, lifting, bar reinforcement, pouring concrete and other construction operations, is strictly prohibited collision support, prohibit irreversive of support, prohibited in the support of any cutting, welding, Things.

5、in the piling and piling machine within the scope of the removal of ground and underground obstacles, leveling the venue, do a good job drains.

Larsen steel sheet pile construction features:

Louss steel sheet pile with high strength, combined with close, not easy to leak, the construction is simple, fast, can reduce the amount of earth excavation excavation, all mechanical construction,Larsen steel sheet pile construction process of attention to what the focus the temporary operation can be removed after repeated reuse and so on.

Larsen steel sheet pile construction scope:

Larsen steel piles are suitable for areas where the soft foundation and the groundwater level are high and large. They are used as temporary support retaining structures for underground structures or deep foundation pit construction, waterproof structures and structures in water to make cofferdam.


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