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Analysis on Emergency Plan of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile Construction under Overdrive

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Do the project friends should have met, the project is an urgent need to complete, catch the project time, or when the project construction, this time the engineers think of the Prime Minister Larsen steel sheet pile. When the project encountered emergency construction, to be completed before the expected time, what kind of construction program is the best? Here we will analyze the Larsen steel sheet pile construction emergency program.

Emergency Construction of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile Construction

For example, in Wuhan, a large bridge construction, revetment project construction, in preparation for Larsen steel sheet pile, the first will be "Larsen steel sheet pile assembly", and then to the design of good beam position "plug positioning pile" And then assembled the Larsen steel sheet pile "plate pile plug";

Do a good job before the work, steel sheet pile after the plug will "closed the water cloth", and then "pumping reinforcement", making the Larsen steel sheet pile forming positioning standards;

Finally, clean up the surrounding silt and excavation, pumping clean will start the construction of the beam column, in the Larsen steel sheet pile after the construction of the lower structure, you can "remove the steel sheet pile."

Larsen steel sheet pile construction method relative to other construction methods is not only the construction is relatively simple, do not need large-scale construction equipment, but also to achieve rapid construction, significantly shorten the duration. And the cross-section and length of the Larsen steel sheet pile are adapted to the conditions of the foundation, so that the rational and economical design is possible.

In the construction of Larsen steel sheet pile, anti-seepage construction is very important, as long as the anti-seepage construction is to make the steel sheet pile into the dike foundation through the relatively impervious layer. This can intercept the permeability of the permeable layer, which can form a semi-closed or fully enclosed to prevent the water wall. Which play a certain role in water.


When using Larsen steel sheet pile to pay attention to the reinforcement of the seepage, we must increase the depth of treatment in order to achieve a relatively more safe anti-seepage effect. In addition, the use of Larsen steel sheet construction also need to remember the point is to have strict control of the construction technology, in the construction process strictly control the axial and normal tilt deviation, although sometimes a little bit of error does not affect the steel sheet into the The bottom, but only in the construction of the strict control of the data error can be made so that the steel sheet pile safely into the bottom, and to ensure that the duration and safety of workers to ensure.


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