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Analysis on the Construction Technology of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile

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Larsen steel sheet pile as a new type of green building materials, in the modern large-scale construction has been widely used, then, how to make the advantages of Larsen steel sheet pile is more likely to play out, we must grasp the Larsen steel sheet pile construction The use of points, that is, Larsen steel pile piling and Larsen steel sheet pile piles of the main points of the problem.

The first is the Larsen steel pile piling.

Larsen steel sheet pile way, according to the pile between the pile and the pile between the way, or choose a large lock buckle construction method and not lock buckle construction method. Both from the corner of the sheet pile wall began, block by block, the difference is that the lock between the front of each block can not be deducted, and the latter between the lock requirements of each lock. You can also use the separate method and the screen-type method.

Larsen steel sheet pile in the process, the use of cranes to hang the steel sheet pile to the pile at the point of the pile, insert the bolt when the lock to be aligned, insert a piece that is put on the pile cap, and gently hammered The In the process of piling, in order to ensure the verticality of the steel sheet pile, with two theodolite in two directions to be controlled. In order to prevent the displacement of the center line of the lock, the same position is calculated on the purlin in advance, but the correction is checked at any time.


Steel sheet pile should be divided into several times, such as the first hit by 20m high to 15m, the second hit to 10m, the third hit the guide beam height, to be demolition of the guide frame and then hit the design elevation. Began to set the first and second steel sheet pile into the location and direction to ensure accuracy, it can play a role in guiding the board, generally every 1m should be measured once.

Followed by Larsen steel sheet pile piles.

Larsen steel sheet pile piles of the way can also be divided into two kinds, static pull pile method and vibration pull pile method.

Static pull the pile can generally use a single foot to the rod or the characters of the rod, and set the cable rope to stabilize the rod. The top of the rod fixed pulley group, the lower end of the guide pulley, wire rope through the guide pulley lead to the hoist, can also be used to carry out the inverted chain.

Vibration pile is the use of vibration hammer on the plate pile to exert vibration force, disturb the soil, destroy the friction between the plate and the pile between the force and the lifting force to pull out the pile.


The specific operation of the pile, you can first use the vibration hammer plate pile lock mouth to live to reduce the resistance of the soil, and then side vibration side pull. The more difficult to pull out the sheet pile can first use the diesel hammer to push the pile vibration 100-300mm, and then vibrating hammer alternately rapping, vibration pull. Sometimes, for the timely backfill pile after the soil hole, in the sheet pile pulled to the base floor slightly higher (such as 500mm) to suspend the pull, with vibration hammer vibration for several minutes, try to fill part of the soil hole. The crane should be gradually loaded with the starting of the vibrating hammer, and the lifting force is generally less than the compression limit of the damper spring. The power supply for the vibration hammer should be 1.2-2.0 times the rated power of the motor itself. What are the requirements for the construction of steel sheet piles for steel sheet pile cofferdam For the steel piles with large pull-out resistance, the intermittent vibration method is used for 15min, and the vibrating hammer is not working for more than 1.5h.

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