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Analysis on the Effective Application of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile in Municipal Wastewater Treatment

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Steel sheet pile in China for the construction of the project is the 90's when the beginning of the general use of ordinary channel steel sheet pile, to about 2000 or so started to use better quality Larsen steel sheet pile construction, Larsen steel sheet pile in the Project is energy-saving environmentally friendly building materials, today we main to explain the Larsen steel sheet pile in the construction of municipal sewage applications.

Application of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile in Construction of Municipal Sewage Disposal Project

First of all, although the steel plate pile is also used for construction, the pile length is short 6-9m or so, can only be applied to the land, water resistance is not good, more water needs a waterproof project to do waterproofing, Easy twists and turns.

The Larsen steel sheet pile has a strong waterproof, strong resistance to strength in the strength, not easy to bend, so after a construction can also be used after the second use of recycling. Larsen steel piles can form a solid guard by mutual engagement, Which can be secure and stability excavated, it can be reused, is the cofferdam, dock, berm and other boiling materials.

Larsen steel sheet pile protection is very high, its water effect is very good. The development of steel sheet piles was developed by German engineers in 1902. But with the technical level of the upgrade, which produced the Larsen steel sheet pile, and Now has been improved by everyone.

Larsen steel sheet pile as a new generation of energy-saving environmental protection materials, in the international terminal, harbor, embankment, construction foundation pit support and other construction as a major role in Asia, South Korea, Japan introduced the use of Larsen steel sheet Pile of a building materials are relatively early, research and development technology in the international design research, construction methods and pile equipment manufacturing and so on have reached the world advanced level. In Europe, the annual sales of Larsen steel sheet pile up to 270,000 tons , North America also holds more than 180,000 tons, compared to the global sales of 3 million tons of steel sheet pile, Larsen steel sheet pile share is very strong, The status is higher.

Of course, Larsen steel sheet pile in the city of sewage works of the more good, compared to other types of steel sheet pile before the characteristics of impractical, Larsen steel sheet pile in the city sewage works to fill this effect.

At the same time, Larsen steel sheet pile with reusability, the domestic steel sheet pile market to consume imported inventory-based, Larsen steel sheet pile production, sales and application of the domestic steel market circulation to promote the role.


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