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Applicability of sheet pile welding


Welding involves fusing two identical or very similar steels together to form uniform parts by melting them together at their interfaces through liquefaction or plastic deformation. This can be done without adding or adding other materials. Arc welding is a very common method (manual metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding). In this method, arcs are generated between electrodes and parts supplied with solder materials sheet pile manufacturers. The applicability of welding depends not only on the material, but also on its shape, size and manufacturing condition. It is usually preferred to kill steel sheet pile.

According to section (R 67) of EAU 2004, and taking into account the general welding specifications, arc welding can be applied to all kinds of steel used for sheet piles. For high strength steel grade S 390 GP and S 430 GP, construction industry certification is necessary. In addition, if welding is used, the carbon equivalent CEV should not exceed the value of steel grade S 355 in table DIN EN 10025 4. In addition, section (R 67) of EAU 2004 recommends the use of steels that completely kill J2 G3 or K2 G3 steels under special conditions, such as DIN EN 10025. At low temperatures, under three-dimensional stress conditions and when the load is mainly dynamic, due to better driving, plastic deformation brittleness resistance and aging due to heavy driving are expected. Welding electrodes or supplier specifications that conform to DIN EN 499, DIN EN 756 and DIN EN 440 shall be selected.

According to EAU 2004 (R 99), basic electrodes or filling materials with high basicity are usually used. The following table shows general information for selecting suitable electrodes according to DIN EN 499.


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