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Applicable Range of Larsen Steel Sheet Piles

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The piling resistance of steel sheet piles (single or piles) of the minimum displacement machine piles can be reduced to the following relations in the reachable stratum: soil resistance + locking resistance. Resistance depends on the soil parameters and pile penetration depth is different from the pipe pile, H-pile and other relatively closed cross-section, steel pile in the pile is not likely to occur in the process of blocking the surface effect of friction and thus play a role in control.

Applicable Range of Larsen Steel Sheet Piles

Frictional resistance depends on the type of locking port, piling method, whether the locking port is lubricated sealant and whether the soil particles into the lock mouth, the most important is that all the locking resistance depends on the straightness between adjacent piles and vertical degree. Pile damage or poor condition will also significantly increase resistance. In order to effectively piling, piling force to be higher than the total resistance of a certain value, to ensure that the pile in the soil has sufficient penetration, so that the pile and hammer damage probability will be much smaller.

In order to achieve this purpose, the impact of piling, the hammer momentum (that hammer when the hammer quality and speed of the product must be large enough to choose the standard hammer is the kinetic energy or potential energy impact hammer efficiency of white transfer energy = Hammer rating Energy hammer efficiency (note that some hammers can adjust the output power) Hammer efficiency takes into account the energy loss during hammering, the energy absorbed by the pile cap, and the pile. Different types of pile caps, plates and guides Hammers have different levels of efficiency, and the hammer does not match the hammer, the lower the efficiency, the transmission of energy is also less.

Pile hammer efficiency difference. As the pile hammer will swing back and forth during the piling process, the position of the steel sheet piles hammer will change, the hammer shaft and the pile center can not be exactly the same, which will affect the efficiency of the diesel hammer.

The hammer efficiency is also related to the energy absorbed by the pile and the ratio of the impact weight (W) to the pile and pile weight (P), which shows the effect of the mass ratio of sheet pile hammer on efficiency. It should be noted that, when playing on the pile, Larsen steel sheet piles the scope of the quality of the double can use heavy sledgehammer to fight for the pile, but this hammer may not apply to a single pile.


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