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Applicable range of HZ combi-walls


The HZ combi-wall system is a composite wall of king piles and middle sheet piles, usually used in port construction and deep foundations. The HZ King Pile was formed in a factory over 30 meters in length. HZ is a different connector, namely RZD16, RZU16, RH16, RZD18, RZU18, RH20. The hot-rolled HZ king pile is big H steel, with connection systems on both sides. The cold-rolled HZ combi-wall welds H beams and cold-formed sheet piles together. The HZ combi-wall is usually a quay wall bound by an anti-collision wall or an ordinary sheet pile wall. We have produced and shipped HZ composite walls to many sheet pile projects around the world.


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What is the main structure of the HZ combi-walls?

What are the advantages of HZ combi-walls?

What are the applicable scope of HZ combi-walls?


What is the main structure of the HZ combi-walls?

The HZ combi-wall system consists of king piles, connectors and AZ sheet piles installed between the king piles, with filling elements in the middle. The HZ combi-wall beam can be a single H beam or a double H beam or even a continuous H beam. The middle sheet pile can be shorter than the HZ combi-wall beam. According to the number of interlocks and king piles, the HZ combination wall system has 4 different combinations: combination 12, combination 14, combination 24, combination 26.


In theory, the middle pile can be any AZ-type sheet pile. In practice, most of the intermediate sheet piles are AZ18-700 or AZ26-700, others such as AZ13, AZ13-10/10, AZ18, AZ18-10/10, AZ26, AZ13-770, AZ14-770-10/10, AZ18 -700, A20-700. The connectors are RZD, RZU, RH types, depending on the connecting element.

In the past, HZ combi-wall sheet piles were the most popular solution for heavy-duty applications such as permanent ports, wharf walls, cofferdams, slope stabilization, wharf construction, etc. Nowadays, almost all HZ combi-walls or composite walls are usually better than composite walls with tubular pipes.

HZ combi-wall 

What are the advantages of HZ combi-walls?

In many cases, customers may require various HZ combi-walls sizes. Due to long-term corrosion, the thickness of the flange or web is increased, and the height is reduced due to the limited space. There is no problem for Jiangsu Shunli Group. Our interlocks or clutches are part of the H-beam and are much stronger. No need to purchase additional chain equipment, thus saving the cost of HZ combi-walls.


The length of the longest H pile and HP bearing pile we produce exceeds 50m, and the steel grade ranges from S235 to S355 to very high S460. There is almost no quantity demand, and it can also be 100 or 200 tons.

We have 3 HZ combi-walls production lines, and all work will be completed automatically. Delivery time is short. We have produced and shipped HZ composite walls to many sheet pile projects around the world.


What are the applicable scope of HZ combi-walls?

HZ combi-walls steel sheet pile meets the requirements of three aspects: its manufacturing component elements provide a simple and practical structure that meets all the requirements of structural safety and environmental protection; the application of HZ combi-wall is very attractive.


In addition, the practical value of HZ combi-wall is also reflected in the innovative production of many new products. For example: In some special welded buildings, the metal plates of hydraulic vibratory pile drivers are hermetically connected together. Treatment of sluice and factory paint. Many factors ensure that steel sheet piles remain one of the most important manufacturing components.The application environment of HZ combi-walls in geotechnical engineering.

The HZ combi-wall is not only conducive to the excellence of steel, but also conducive to the research and development of the steel sheet pile market, is conducive to the optimized design of product characteristics, and better meets the needs of users.

  • Water conservancy project


Road and rail

Dock walls, maintenance walls, retaining walls.

Build docks, docks, and separation walls.

Wharf protective piles, (pier) protective piles, bridge foundations.

Radar rangefinder, slope, slope.

Sinking the railway, retaining groundwater


  • Waterway civil engineering

Waterway maintenance

retaining wall

Consolidate the roadbed and embankment

Park equipment prevents friction

Pollution control of water conservancy projects.

Contaminated places, wall filling

Ship locks, sluices, vertical blocking fences



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