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Application and construction steps of sheet pile


The application of sheet pile runs through and extends to the whole construction industry, from the use of traditional water conservancy engineering and civil technology, as well as the application of railway and trolley track, to the application of environmental pollution control. This article mainly introduces application and construction steps of sheet pile.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • The applications of sheet pile

  • Features of sheet pile application

  • Advantages of sheet pile application


1. The applications of sheet pile

Function, appearance and practical value are the standards adopted by people when they choose sheet pile. Steel sheet pile is in line with the above three points: the elements of sheet pile manufacturing components provide a simple and practical structure, sheet pile meets all the requirements of structural safety and environmental protection, and the building completed by sheet pile is very attractive.

The practical value of sheet pile is reflected in the innovative production of many new products, such as some special welded buildings; Sheet metal made by hydraulic vibration pile driver; Seal combination of sluice and factory paint treatment. Many factors ensure that sheet pile maintains a most useful manufacturing component elements, that is, sheet pile is not only conducive to the quality of steel excellence, but also conducive to the research and development of the sheet pile market; Sheet pile is conducive to the optimization design of product characteristics to better meet the needs of users. The main applications of sheet pile are as follows.

(1) Sheet pile is applied to hydraulic engineering -- the construction of port transportation routes -- roads and railways

(2) Sheet pile is applied to dock wall, maintenance wall and retaining wall.

(3) Sheet pile is applied to the construction of docks and shipyards to isolate the noise wall.

(4) Sheet pile is applied to pile retaining, (wharf) mooring post and bridge foundation.

(5) Sheet pile is applied to radar rangefinder, slope and slope;

(6) Sheet pile is applied to the sunken railway and the reservation of groundwater;

(7) Sheet pile applied to the tunnel.

(8) Sheet pile is applied to waterway civil engineering:

(9) Sheet pile is applied to waterway maintenance;

(10) Sheet pile is applied to the parapet;

(11) Sheet pile is used to consolidate roadbed and embankment.

(12) Sheet pile is applied to parking equipment;Prevent flushing.

(13) Sheet pile is applied to the pollution control of water conservancy engineering buildings -- the polluted place, the enclosure filling:

(14) Sheet pile applied to lock: vertical seal fence;

(15) Sheet pile is applied to weir: digging for replacement of soil;

(16) Sheet pile is applied to bridge foundation: water tank enclosure;

(17) Sheet pile for culverts;Protective underground cable path for top slopes;

(18) Sheet pile is applied to safety door;

(19) Sheet pile is applied to the levee: noise reduction;

(20) Sheet pile is applied to bridge column and dock: noise isolation wall;Entrance and exit.


2. Features of sheet pile application:

1) Sheet pile processed and solved a series of problems in the excavation process;

2) The construction of sheet pile is simple and the construction period is shortened.

3) For the construction task, sheet pile can reduce the space requirements;

4) Using sheet pile can provide necessary safety and high timeliness;

5) Sheet pile can be used regardless of the weather conditions;In the process of using sheet pile, it can simplify the complex procedures to check the material or system performance to ensure its adaptability, good interchangeability, and can be reused.

6) Sheet pile can be recycled and reused to save money.


3. Advantages of sheet pile application:

(1) With strong bearing capacity and light structure, the continuous wall made of steel sheet pile has high strength and rigidity.

(2) The water tightness of sheet pile is good, the lock of the joint of sheet pile is closely combined, which can prevent seepage naturally.

(3) Sheet pile construction is simple, can adapt to different geological conditions and soil quality, can reduce the amount of excavation of the foundation pit, the operation occupies a small site.

(4) Good durability of sheet pile, depending on the use of the environment, life up to 50 years.

(5) Sheet pile construction environmental protection, the amount of soil and concrete consumption significantly reduced, can effectively protect land resources.

(6) Efficient operation, very suitable for the rapid implementation of flood control, collapse, quicksand, earthquake and other disaster relief and prevention.

(7) The sheet pile material can be recycled and used repeatedly. In the temporary project, it can be reused for 20 ~ 30 times.

(8) Compared with other single structures, the wall of the sheet pile is lighter and has a greater ability to adapt to deformation, which is suitable for the prevention and treatment of various geological disasters.

I hope this article is helpful for you to understand the application of sheet pile. If you need sheet pile, please contact us.


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