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Application of Box Steel Sheet Piles and Its Application

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Steel Sheet Piles
Box-type pile is welded by a single Steel Sheet Piles, and its material contains a variety of grades of steel, length contains a variety of pile length. When the Steel Sheet Piles is long or the Steel Sheet Piles is too long to be operated In the field, it can be done in the field by welding the short Steel Sheet Piles through the butt weld to obtain the required pile length. The welding of the Steel Sheet Piles should follow the specification.
Steel Sheet Piles
Box Steel Sheet Piles has three combinations of four AZ Steel Sheet Piles, two AZ Steel Sheet Piles plus plus a back plate and two or more U-shaped Steel Sheet Piles. AZ box pile and two, three, four U-shaped Steel Sheet Piles composed Of box-type pile. The dimensions and cross-sectional characteristics of these box-type piles are listed. Box-type Steel Sheet Piles can withstand vertical and horizontal loads, for aesthetic considerations, you can choose materials cover the surface of box-type Pile to form a smooth wall.
Box-type piles can also be used as independent load-bearing piles, in the pit, dock and dock structures. Its radius of gyration is larger; especially for longer length, horizontal support little or no situation.
In general, the end of the box-type pile is not closed. When the soil is piling, the soil enters the box-shaped pile from the open end to form a soil plug with the increase of penetration depth, And ground uplift. Box Steel Sheet Piles can penetrate all common soils, including compacted and soft rock.


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