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Application of steel sheet pile with high efficiency metal building materials

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The steel sheet pile has a great demand in the present market. The development of many industries in China can not be separated from the steel sheet pile. Steel sheet pile is a new type of building material, which is widely used. Although China's steel production is very large, the production capacity of steel sheet pile can not be compared with the European and American countries and Japan and South Korea. In the near future, the Larsen steel sheet pile will certainly occupy a large market share and become the main material in the construction industry. The construction and construction of the country can not help with the steel sheet pile.

The steel sheet pile is widely used in the construction of the building foundation, especially the foundation project. It is a kind of high efficiency and environment-friendly building steel. However, with the popularization and application of steel sheet pile, the simple problem of steel sheet pile also makes a lot of people headache, and the common problems of steel sheet pile are briefly introduced.

Deflection: when using deviation is a common phenomenon, and encounter this problem, we will pull a little bit to the top of the steel sheet pile, usually in 1.0~2.0m, and then hammer down, so repeatedly, its position can be corrected, so as to reduce the inclination of the steel sheet pile;

Obstacles: it is unavoidable to encounter unknown obstacles or big stones. In such cases, steel sheet piles usually go too deep, so we will use arc piles and corner piles to avoid this situation.

Bring into the phenomenon: under normal circumstances, if the foundation is softer, then the job will easily bring in the phenomenon. At this time, we will connect the similar piles together, and apply some lubricating oil to the joints properly, so as to reduce the resistance.

Of course, in addition to understanding some common application problems of steel sheet piles, we need to know more about the development history of steel sheet piles. Actually, the use of steel sheet piles in our country was first introduced from the Soviet Union in the 50s of last century in the cofferdam construction of railway bridges. Later, due to labor resources, cheap land and technology constraints, steel sheet pile as an efficient metal building material develops very slowly in China, and the amount of usage is also very small.


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