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Application scope and construction characteristics of steel sheet piles


Steel sheet pile support, a special type of steel sheet pile is used to form a continuous plate wall by means of a pile driver to sink into the ground, as a temporary soil and water retaining structure for deep foundation pit excavation.

The commonly used forms of steel sheet pile support include cantilever type, anchor type, support type, etc.

The simple form of steel sheet pile is channel steel, I-beam and other steel, which is composed of positive and negative buckles. Due to weak bending resistance and seepage resistance, and the production length is 6-8m, it is generally only used for shallow ( h≤4m) foundation pit. The regular steel sheet piles are hot-rolled locking steel sheet piles in the form of U-shaped, Z-shaped, in-line, H-shaped, and combined types. Among them, U-shaped is the most widely used, which can be used for 5-10m deep foundation pits. Domestic Larsen The length of the profiled steel sheet pile is generally 12m, and the length can be welded according to the needs. The length should be butt welded first, then the reinforcing plate, and finally straightened. After the steel sheet piles are delivered to the site, they shall be inspected, classified and numbered. The elevation of the steel sheet pile should be straight, and a sheet pile of the same type with a length of about 1.5-2m and a lip lock that meets the standard should pass the inspection. If the lock is not consistent, it should be corrected before being used.


Steel sheet pile support has high strength, rigidity and locking function, close combination, good water tightness, simple and fast construction, can adapt to a variety of plane shapes and soil qualities, and can reduce the amount of excavation of foundation pits. It is conducive to construction mechanization and drainage, and can be recycled and reused. Therefore, under certain conditions, it will achieve better technical and economic benefits when used in underground deep foundation projects as pit wall support and waterproof cofferdam. The problem with this kind of support is that a large amount of special steel is required, and the one-time investment is relatively high. Generally, it is rented in the form of lease, and it is more economical and suitable to return after use.


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