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Architectural engineering What are common types of steel sheet piles

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       Shunli steel industry today and we talk about it, of several common types of steel sheet pile in building engineering. In order to facilitate a better choice of steel sheet pile in engineering.
Linear shaped steel sheet piles
1, the linear shaped steel sheet piles:
The most important feature of this type of steel sheet pile is a very high strength locking engagement. Mainly applied to steel sheet pile construction method of modular housing material.
2, U-shaped steel sheet pile
The world's most used type of steel sheet pile, usually 529 × 10-6m3-382 × 10-5m3 / section factor of m. When the U-shaped steel sheet pile locking engagement is to present the position of the wall in the neutral axis.
3, the combination of steel sheet pile
The current combination of steel sheet pile will be more models, this blog entry first introduced by the two U-shaped steel sheet piles welded combination pile, this project is more commonly used. Through this bottle to obtain greater section modulus, the construction process can be changed according to the length of splicing conditions.
        This will share it here, but we'll continue to introduce more practical knowledge about the steel sheet pile. We shun force steel industry product line of 55, modern steel sheet pile dedicated production lines, spirals Piles production line, H-type composite pile production line, anti-corrosion, welding, pipe pile lock and a variety of heavy steel production lines in the world leading level. Our products are very stable resources, if need special custom models, you can contact us to give you complete solutions and products.


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