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Basic terms spiral steel pipe (steel) business

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A spiral steel pipe (steel) length dimension example
    1. beam length dimension
    ⑴ standard length train tracks are 12.5m and 25m two kinds.
     ⑵ bar, wire rod, wire size diameter d of millimeters (mm) Number of calibration.
    ⑶ square steel side length dimensions in a millimeter (mm) Number of calibration.
     ⑷ hexagonal, octagonal steel edge distance s size to millimeters (mm) Number of calibration  pipe pile .
     ⑸ flat dimensions of width b and thickness d of millimeters (mm) Number of calibration.
    ⑹ beam, channel size to waist height h, a thick waist and leg width b d millimeter (mm) Number of calibration.
     ⑺ equilateral angle equal to the size of the edge width and edge thickness d b millimeter (mm) Number of calibration. Equilateral angle size to edge width B, b and edge thickness d of millimeters (mm) Number of calibration.
     ⑻H beam size to web height h, web thickness and flange width b t1, wing thickness t2 millimeters (mm) Number of calibration.
Basic terms spiral steel pipe (steel) business
     2. The plate, strip length dimension
     ⑴ generally plate thickness d of millimeters (mm) Number of calibration. While the width b and thickness d of the steel strip places millimeters (mm) Number of calibration.
    ⑵ single plate have different predetermined sizes, such as rolled steel sheet has: 1mm thick steel plate, having a width 600 × length 2000 mm; 650 × 2000 mm; 700 × 1420 mm; 750 × 1500 mm; 900 × 1800 mm; 1000 × 2000 mm and so on.
     3. Pipe length dimension
    ⑴ generally tube diameter D, inner diameter and wall thickness S millimeter (mm) Number of calibration.
    ⑵ each pipe provisions of different sizes, such as seamless steel pipe diameter 50mm wall thickness 2.5-10mm of 15 species; or the same wall thickness, diameter 325-1220mm of 29 species of 5mm. Another example is the welded steel pipe nominal wall thickness of ordinary steel pipe diameter of 25mm and 3.25mm thicker steel of 4mm.
    Second, the spiral steel pipe pile) length dimension
 Spiral Pipe (steel) of various spiral pipe length dimension (steel) of the basic size refers to the spiral steel pipe (steel) length, width, height, diameter, radius, diameter, outside diameter and wall thickness of equal length. Legal units of measurement spiral steel pipe (steel) length is the meter (m), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm). In the current habits, but also useful inches ( ") represented, but it is not legal units of measurement.
    1. Spiral Pipe (steel) Length range
 It is an effective measure to save material. Length is the length range or length by width is not less than a certain size, or length, long by wide delivery from number to number size range. Production units can press size requirements for production supply.
    2. not length (typically length)
    Where the product dimensions (length or width), within the standard range, but without requiring a fixed size called not length. Not generally known as random length length (through feet). By not length delivery metallic material, as long as delivery can be within a predetermined length. For example, no more than ordinary round 25mm, which is generally defined as the length of 4-10m, then the length of the bar in this range can be delivered.
    3. Length
    Orders which require a fixed size called cut length. When delivered by length, the cross-metallic materials must have a demand-side specified in the contract length. For example, the contract specified by length 5m delivery, then the delivery of the material must both be 5m long, shorter than 5m or longer than 5m are substandard. But in fact impossible delivery are 5m long, so there are provisions that allow a positive bias, but does not allow a negative bias.
    4. double length orders which require a fixed size called multiple times into the whole foot. When you press double length delivery, the length of the metal material for the demand side of the post must be specified in the contract length (called haplotypes feet) of integer multiples (plus kerf). For example, the demand side single multiple lengths in the contract for the 2m, then cut when the double foot length is 4m, cut into 3 double length is 6m, plus one or two, respectively, the amount of kerf . Jukou amount in the standard provisions. When the double length delivery, only allowed to have a positive bias, negative bias value is not allowed.
    5. Short foot
   Standard length is less than the specified lower limit is not definite length, but not less than the minimum allowed length is called short feet. For example, water, gas delivery pipe specified in the standard, allowing each batch of 10% (calculated according to the number) 2-4m long short-foot pipe. 4m length shall not limit the length of the shortest allowable length is 2m.
    6. narrow feet
    Length width width of not less than the lower limit of the standard, but not less than the allowable called narrow foot narrowest width.
    When you press the narrow foot delivery, we must pay attention to the standards prescribed proportion and scale narrow narrowest feet.
    Third, the spiral steel pipe (steel) Theoretical weight
    Spiral Pipe (steel) units of measurement calculated theoretical weight in kilograms (kg). The basic formula is: W (weight, kg) = F (sectional area mm2) × L (length, m) × ρ (density, g / cm3) × 1/1000
    Fourth, the spiral steel pipe (steel) Weight
    1. Spiral Pipe (steel) Theoretical weight
    Spiral Pipe (steel) theory is based on the weight of spiral steel pipe (steel) nominal size and density (formerly known as specific gravity) calculated by weight referred to the theoretical weight. This spiral steel pipe (steel) length dimension, cross-sectional area and size tolerances are directly related. Since the spiral steel pipe (steel) tolerances in the manufacturing process, so use the formula to calculate the theoretical weight and the actual weight of a certain discrepancy, only as a reference to estimate the time.
     2. Spiral Pipe (steel) actual weight
    Spiral Pipe (steel) refers to the actual weight of the spiral steel pipe (steel) to the actual weight of the weighing (weighing) income, known as the actual weight. Actual weight than the theoretical weight accurately.
    3. Calculation Method spiral steel pipe (steel) weight
     ⑴ GW is "Net" symmetry, spiral steel pipe (steel) and the total weight of the packaging material itself combined. Transport enterprise computing gross weight when calculating shipping. But the spiral steel pipe (steel) is calculated as net buying and selling.
     ⑵ Net symmetrical "Gross" is. Spiral Pipe (steel) Gross weight after subtracting the weight of the packaging material, that is the actual weight, called net. Usually calculated by net weight of the spiral steel pipe (steel) purchase and sale.
     ⑶ tare weight spiral steel pipe (steel) packaging materials, called tare.
     ⑷ weight tons spiral steel pipe (steel) gross weight of the unit of weight used when shipping. Its legal units of measurement tonnes (1000kg), as well as long ton (imperial unit of weight 1016.16kg), st
(American unit of weight 907.18kg).
     ⑸ chargeable weight known as "revenue tons" or "freight ton." Spiral Pipe collect freight transport sector (steel) by weight.  pipe pile Different modes of transport, there are different standards and methods of calculation. Such as rail transport vehicle, generally used for carrying goods vehicles marked as billable weight. Road transport is the payment of freight combined dwt vehicle. Railways, highways LTL, places several kilograms gross minimum billable weight, into the whole is insufficient.

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