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Benefits of steel sheet pile


Steel sheet piles are easy to adapt to different site conditions to achieve uniform minimum capacity and high reliability, thus eliminating the uncertainty caused by site changes. Steel sheet piles are usually installed in accordance with established standards (for example, the minimum number of blowing times per unit of penetration, sometimes with the minimum penetration force). Because they are usually driven to the number of hits to ensure the minimum required capacity, pile lengths may vary when underground conditions are uneven. Steel sheet piles can be cut to shorten their length or splice to lengthen their length. Joint design usually meets or exceeds the strength of the pile itself. Pile shoes (or "dots") can be added to help penetrate requirements and provide very reliable contact with rocks. The optimum length of each pile is applicable to all site conditions.

Steel sheet pile adapts to unique site conditions and limitations. They are very suitable for marine and other offshore applications. No special enclosures are required and there are no delays associated with concrete curing. Piles driven by water can be used immediately, allowing construction to proceed in time. For bridges or piers, steel sheet piles can be quickly integrated into bending structures, allowing bridges or piers themselves to serve as working platforms for subsequent piles in top-down structures.

Steel sheet piles can be used to construct temporary brackets in order to minimize wetland disturbance or allow operation on water. When the demand is over, piles installed to meet any temporary construction needs can be extracted.

In earthquake-prone areas, large diameter steel sheet piles are very suitable for resisting seismic forces. The non-displacement pile (e.g. H pile) can be used to minimize the vibration effects on the existing structures nearby. In corrosive environments, coatings and/or additives can be used to mitigate the effects of corrosion and thus prolong the service life of structures. Coatings can also be used to reduce the impact of negative skin friction.


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