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Brief introduction to the development of Larson steel sheet pile

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Since the steel sheet pile was used as a vertical sealed retaining wall to protect the contaminated site since 1987, it has been found that the steel sheet pile fits in with all the requirements for water leakage and pollution. Steel sheet pile retaining wall is used as the advantage has gradually been widely used in other areas also Larson steel sheet pile of domestic and imported two kinds of steel material, because of the poor quality of domestic and imported use Larson steel sheet pile in large steel cofferdam construction.

The steel cofferdam structure needs to support the inside of the cofferdam. This needs to be supported by steel tube, I-beam or H steel according to the dimension and depth of the steel cofferdam. Small steel cofferdam by the construction experience to himself, but met all requirements of large steel cofferdam construction of steel cofferdam design using finite element analysis software, from design, construction and ensure that all the Larson steel sheet pile cofferdam. Function, appearance and applicable value are the norms adopted in the time when people choose to build data.

Steel sheet pile is fit to the above three points: the manufacturing component elements of supply structure and simple application, construction and maintenance of peace with all the requirements, and the use of steel sheet pile to complete the building is very attractive.

The use of steel sheet pile and the construction of the entire industry to extend throughout, from the traditional water conservancy project and the use of civilian technology and using the railway and tramway constantly to pollution control in terms of use.

Applicable value of steel sheet pile is obtained, in the transformation of manufacturing many new products in some extraordinary welded structures; after hydraulic vibration pile driver made of metal plate; the sealing between sluice gates and disposal of paint factory. A lot of factors to ensure the steel sheet pile adhere to one of the most effective manufacturing component elements, namely: it is not conducive to the outstanding quality of the steel only, and is also beneficial for query research on steel sheet pile and its market development; optimization design for the product features to better meet the needs of users.

The special seal technology development in this area is a good example. The HOESCH patent system, for example, represents the main new category of steel sheet piles in pollution control.

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