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British universal bearing piles with wide flanges


Our advanced universal bearing pile series has been developed to reflect current structural design practices and make it easier to specify. HP and UBP bearing piles are special wide flanged H-beam sections with the same thickness in flange and web, which contribute to structural integrity in driving and encountering obstacles. The load-carrying capacity is confirmed by measuring "setting" during driving. UPB bearing pile can provide various kinds of steel, yield strength can reach 460 MPa.

For more information about this product sheet piling prices, please refer to "Related Documents and Links" on the right side of the screen or visit our full series of publications. Wide flange beams are easy to handle, transport, store and install. Tata Steel CE logo structure conforms to the European Union directive on construction products. It is suitable for complex load combination of general bearing pile and tension or compression load.

The main advantages of HP and UBP bearing piles are many. Pile lengths can be easily extended to suit ground conditions by splicing. Wide flange beams have a new logo used by the British steel construction industry - UBP became UKBP. Dimensions range from 203 x 203 x 45 kg/m to 356 x 368 x 174 kg/m. Excellent durability; many experiences with fully embedded piles show that the corrosion rate tends to zero.

DesignationMass per MetreDepth of Section hWidth of Section bThickness Web sThickness Flange tRoot Radius rDepth between fillets dRatios for Local Buckling
kg/mmmmmmmmmmmmmFlange b/2tWeb d/s
UBP 356 x 368 x 174173.9361.4378.520.320.415.2290.29.2814.3
UBP 356 x 368 x 152152.0356.4376.017.817.915.2290.210.516.3
UBP 356 x 368 x 133133.0352.0373.815.615.715.2290.211.918.6
UBP 356 x 368 x 109108.9346.4371.012.812.915.2290.214.422.7
UBP 305 x 305 x 223222.9337.9325.730.330.415.2246.75.368.14
UBP 305 x 305 x 186186.0328.3320.925.525.615.2246.76.279.67
UBP 305 x 305 x 149149.1318.5316.020.620.715.2246.77.6312.0
UBP 305 x 305 x 126126.1312.3312.917.517.615.2246.78.8914.1
UBP 305 x 305 x 110110.0307.9310.715.315.415.2246.710.116.1
UBP 305 x 305 x 9594.9303.7308.713.313.315.2246.711.618.5
UBP 305 x 305 x 8888.0301.7307.812.412.315.2246.712.519.9
UBP 305 x 305 x 7978.9299.3306.411.011.115.2246.713.822.4
UBP 254 x 254 x 8585.1254.3260.414.414.312.7200.39.1013.9
UBP 254 x 254 x 7171.0249.7258.
UBP 254 x 254 x 6363.0247.1256.610.610.712.7200.312.018.9
UBP 203 x 203 x 5453.9204.0207.711.311.410.2160.89.1114.2
UBP 203 x 203 x 4544.9200.2205.99.59.510.2160.810.816.9


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